Frozen Dough Co. (& a very naughty treat)

September 10, 2014

I hang my head in shame for taking this long to write a post about Frozen Dough Co. My Instagram feed consists of a lot of Eve's addictive cookies and yet, only last week did it occur to me that I hadn't given her the proper shoutout she deserves! 

Eve from Frozen Dough Co. was one of our partners and sponsors for our Creatives weekend away and boy did we appreciate her generosity. I say this with no exaggeration, but the girls and I literally used Eve's cookies as a "base" for everything. I mean, everything and our meals were mostly planned around the question "how can we incorporate a cookie in this?".

Amidst all the cookie-enduced highs we all experienced throughout the weekend, we somehow put this deadly concoction together and it's one that you guys should have to try at home. Because a lot of you have wondered on Instagram what this treat actually consists of (chuck food coma somewhere in there), here's how we put it all together...

What you'll need //

(Can be store-bought or home-made. Luckily for us, Chantal made ours! You can too if you'd like - here's a recipe)

Salted caramel sauce 
(Can be store-bought or home-made. Here's a recipe)

Crushed pretzels

Melted chocolate
(we used & highly recommend Bahen & Co's Papua New Guinea 70% cocoa)

Frozen Dough Co. cookies
(we highly recommend the Salted Nutella chocolate cookies)

A blowtorch

What to do //

This is the easy bit! Place your baked cookie at the bottom and add marshmallow on top. Blowtorch until the edges are starting to brown and you can see that it's melting. Then layer everything else in this order - crushed pretzels, melted chocolate and salted caramel sauce. Ta-da!

Handy hint - wear tights, not jeans. Trust me, you'll need the extra breathing room.

[2 images above by Erika Rax]

If this is all a bit too indulgent (and naughty) for you, please do me a favour and grab a bag of cookies anyway? 

You can buy Frozen Dough Co. cookies from The Beaches Markets every Friday, 8am - 1pm or Bondi Farmers Markets every Saturday, 8am - 1pm. Eve also delivers for certain areas/orders, so drop her a line and say hello!


  1. Oh my beating heart...

    1. It will most probably stop beating once you've had one of these hahaha!