Winter Movies

August 6, 2014

After posting my pick for some winter reading, someone emailed to ask whether I could do the same and suggest a few movies we can all snuggle up to for this winter. You betcha!

Firstly, a heads up. I've been told by my loving friends that I have "weird" taste in movies (only a real friend has the balls to tell you that) so what I've done is try my best to pick a few  that I believe the general public will truly enjoy. If I had it my way, this list would probably consists lots of Tarantino, Anderson and McQueen films. Who are they, you ask? Get your IMDB out please people!

On another note, can we all just take a moment to drool over this outdoor movie setting...

Her //

I can't even find the words to describe this movie. Everything about the movie; from costume, colour, cinematography, choice of actors, set design, soundtrack... it's all just one big fat perfect movie mesh. I know a lot of people have been turned off by the storyline - ya know, some guy falling in love with his computer and all that, but it's so much more than that. The movie explores loneliness, the complexities of relationships (not with your computer of course) and every soul's need to love and be loved.

You ever think your family (extended and all) is crazy? Well, wait until you meet the Weston family and be a guest at this huge family reunion that goes on in the movie! Meryl Streep is just phenomenal and her performance as a dysfunctional, unstable and deranged mother is enough reason for you to watch this movie. 

Warning - HUGE twist towards the end - *gasp*

I don't think I've ever watched anything like The Trip before. It's an unconventional and hilarious take on the comedy genre, filled with pretty darn good British humour. The beauty of this movie is in the dialogue. Oh it's all about the dialogue! However, you'll definitely need to be in the mood to watch this because it's not your typical slapstick comedy (you know, the typical Adam Sandler stuff, which I still absolutely love by the way). 

Get your finest merlot and cheeses out because you'll want to feel a bit fancy after seeing all the wonderful gastronomy displayed throughout the movie.

Derek Cianfrance is one of my favourite filmmaker, director, writer, auteur. Everything he does is exquisite and wonderful. He has this ability to explore and portray subject so well and in this movie, it's all about the complexities of relationships. This movie feels so real, and maybe even too real. You'll appreciate this movie more when you read about how Cianfrance spent 12 years developing, researching and planning for it.

A lot of this movie was shot in just one month and both actors improvised a lot of the dialogue which I think makes it all the more special. However, this movie comes with a warning - it is not your typical romantic feel-good movies and in fact, it's quite the opposite. Watch and tell me what you think?

Holy cow I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I blitzed through season 1 and 2 of New Girl in like a week! The characters, oh the characters... Jess is kooky and funny, Nick bloody hysterical and Schmidt? He kills me. Sorry guys, I can't even write about this series properly because I keep thinking about all the funny one liners these guys come up with. It's the best comedy TV series I've seen since Friends! Yep, there - I've said it.

The Cohen brothers my other favourite filmmakers and to date, I haven't seen a movie of theirs I've not liked loved. It's so hard for me not to list all of their movies on this but I had to recommend this one. It's a cold-blooded thriller with a darkly humorous edge - not everyone's cup of tea I know - but please give this movie a go. It has such an amusing plot matched with breathtaking cinematography and probably the best looking villain ever.

If you've stuck with me and read this far, you deserve a gold medal. Cupcakes on me?

So, if you're going to watch just one film out of this super long list, pretty pretty please watch this one. You guys, it's good. I'm actually going to take a huge leap and say this is the best movie I've ever seen. Woody Allen is a bit of a hit and miss for me - some movies I adore and some I find really distasteful, but this one is a gem.

It's another one that deals with relationships; our insecurities and complexities as human beings, and in fact, this movie was based on Allen's own relationship with Keaton so what you see on screen are adaptations from it. The dialogue is funny, witty and definitely doesn't feel like it was written in 1977!

Let me know if you end up watching any of them? What are your top 5 must-watch this winter?


  1. Oh was that my suggestion box card you were talking about?? Thank you, blush! This is awesome! I haven't seen any of these movies except for August osage, but will definitely get my blockbuster card out to rent a few this coming weekend. Thank you thank you!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my top 5 would include - fight club, little miss sunshine, zero dark thirty, grand budapest and dallas buyers!

    1. Good picks - love them all! And you're welcome :) x

  3. ALSO! The Mindy Project, oh em gee...... she is one funny gal, I secretly like her more than Zooey!

    and yes! +1 to the grand budapest Clare!

    1. Ohhh that's one that I NEED to get asap! So many people have recommended The Mindy Project to me!!!!

      Great Budapest - a feast to the eyes!

  4. the trip was a strange movie to me - thoroughly enjoyed but it felt "real"?? did it to you? it felt like we were in the backset of the men's car just listening to their private conversations! such a genius script!