Head & Heart

August 16, 2014

Photo by my lovely friend Elizabeth Rowe

What I've been grateful for // 

Erika Rax. This lady has been phenomenal this past month. Organising and planning the finer details of our small business is difficult enough but Erika has been a star! Having Erika on Team Assembly has been the best decision I've made and being able to watch her do her thing on shoot day was something special. Love your style, love your work, love you Mrs Rax! 

The opportunity to team up with Blog Society (pinch me, is it real?) and General Assembly at their Mentor Power Hour session next Thursday 21 August. Who knows why they picked me out of a bag full of creative business owners, but if you guys are interested in coming along, I will be on their panel sharing the inspiration, stories and experiences behind The Assembly.

What I've been thinking of // 

WorkI know our little business isn't even launched, but I can already feel that this will soon turn into a full time gig, which then brings up the question "what do I do about work?". Will I make this business full time work? Should I resign soon? I am so over the legal sector and am itching to take any opportunity to get out! It was exciting once (when having my own office desk made me feel all grown up), but I've realised it's just not what I want to do anymore.

Have you guys battled with this decision? What did you end up doing about it? When is a good time to quit your paying job to pursue your dream job? Decisions decisions!

Current world events - Ukraine & Russia, Israel & Palestine and Iraq just to name a few. It's crazy how much brokenness, hurt and evil there are around the world. I read an article on the ISIS crisis in Iraq that might've contained a few too graphic photos and I couldn't sleep for days... the images still haunt me. 

What I'm excited for //

THE ASSEMBLY launching on 1 September - hooray! It's been 2 years in the making so I am so freaking excited to see all the hard work unfold.

T-minus 8 days until our Hamilton Island holiday. Yes yes yes! A bit (or a lot) of sun and humidity is welcomed on this pale skin of mine!

What I've been doing //

I'm in the final stages of planning a Creative Getaway with Erika and a few other ladies in early September. A weekend of no work, lots of creative workshops, plenty of good food  and the company of 9 of my "creative crushes"? Bring it on!

Updating inventory sheets, accounting ledgers, answering emails, stamping business cards, stamping packaging materials, sorting through our products... it all sounds tedious but we are actually enjoying these early days and moments leading up to our launch!

What I've been reading //

I haven't been doing much reading in the past month! My days and nights have been so full lately that I haven't had the luxury to read. 

What I've been spending my money on //

Buying spring/summer clothing for our holiday - ha! It's funny how you end up with a whole new wardrobe before you go on a holiday. Do you do the same? I know I can just pull out old shorts and shirts from last summer but it's always a good excuse to buy new ones right? *wink wink*

A really good belt sander. Yes, I never thought I would see the day I'd jump for joy over power tools! Best few hundred dollars I've spent awhile!

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  1. I might have to start joining in on this head & heart reflections! but because i don't have a blog, will just have to write it down in my diary :)

    1. Yes you do Carlene! It's very therapeutic!

  2. You've built up such a good pre-launch and your photos are keeping us all on the edge of our seats!!!! Can't wait for the 1st of Sept!! I've got my eyes on those spoons!! All the best, x

  3. I'm super excited to see the results of all this effort and heart going into The Assembly - it's coming up so close!! Can't wait for September, it's going to be epic in so many ways :)