Around The World // Rebecca Slack - Lake District, England

August 19, 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself // 

Firstly - Hello from England! 

My name is Bex. You’ll always find me obsessing over negative space, the colour white and normally something totally random and this month it’s everything copper. I'm always on a quest to find the best coffee, interesting strangers (and their stories), curious little places and ultimately, where I belong in this creative world. My journey so far has taken me from designing dresses to graphic design with capturing images, illustrating and art teaching in between. 

I've grown up the eldest of four children in the beautiful north west of England between the countryside and the sea and was also schooled in the south of France for a short period of my life but for some reason, I don’t know a word of French? I currently work as a part-time  graphic designer and part-time on my own design work and collaborations under the name Love Bex.

Where do you live and what part of it do you love most? //

I live in the beautiful countryside, in a little village just outside of the Lake District. I'm spoilt with the most incredible beauty right on my doorstep. I have enchanting forests one side and the wonderful seaside on the other. It's a tough decision to turn left or right sometimes!

Tell us a bit about Love Bex. How did it all start? //

Love Bex started off as a blog (which is still live) and although it’s taken a bit of a back seat recently, that's where this journey began. My partner D (Danny) pushed me to share my photography and from there, it has grown into something full of hopes, dreams, and adventures. 

To me it’s still just a little space with not very much importance but from that little space, Love Bex has grown massively in its very short life. From amazing collaborations and guest posts all around the world, to the beginnings of a shop - it’s all very exciting! I’m currently taking a small break from being online so that I can re-design and launch the blog, shop and design service as a whole. I’m also practicing new techniques so that these can be applied to new products!

What does your creative space look like? //

My partner and I used to shared a little gallery studio space which overlooks our living and kitchen area but since Love Bex took off, my mess has overflowed into every area of the room, and poor D has had to resort to having his laptop elsewhere in the house! 

So, we decided that it was best that I moved into a bigger space and I've recently re-arranged (what seems like the whole house) to accommodate the change. I’m now in what used to be our dressing room; very white, organic and simplistic with elements of copper and wood, which is just how I like it! It's given me a much bigger space to breathe and think in, especially with the re-launch of the shop. It feels like a fresh start!

Where are your local favourite hangouts? //

When I'm not in the local forest or down by the sea, you might find me shopping around for coffee. I don’t drink alcohol so my liquid hangouts always include coffee. My favourite spot for is The Hall in our local city of Lancaster - this place is rustic and perfumed with its famous coffee aroma. I’d also have to include The Midland Hotel in Morecambe because every time I step into it, I wonder what it would have been like in its its 'heyday' and wished I had been alive in that time to experience it! Just around the corner you’ll also find The Old Pier Bookshop, Shakespeare Paris - eat your heart out! It’s crammed ceiling to floor with books, no sections whatsoever because the owner claims to know where every single book is (there must be over 70,000 books in there!). Oh and the smell of old books - just delightful! We also have an antique centre close by, which is the size of a small airport. You could easily get lost in there as it's full of curious oddities and nostalgia.

Another new place you may find me in is the not-so-local Trove Cafe in Levenshulme, Manchester - a new one in the old eatery department which I hope I will visit more frequently now. Everything about Trove just makes me want to spin around with happiness; from the edible flowers to their famous handmade breads and Katy (the owner) is just a peach!

If you could live with ONE food for the rest of your lives, what would it be? //

Oh gosh this is SO difficult! I’m a massive foodie. Ok, if we’re talking about a meal it has to be the English Breakfast. If we’re talking about a specific cuisine - Thai. If we’re talking about a single food that I couldn’t live without then my weakness is McDonald's chicken nuggets. Don’t hate me! 

Forget what I just said and in all seriousness, it's my grandma's soup. I call her the soup master. She makes a mean batch of lamb and mint soup which we have on 'family Sundays', which comes complete with laughter! It warms my heart as well as my stomach.

What do you like to do in your spare time? //

Work! Sadly at the moment it's true. Work seems to occupy every inch and minute of spare time I have, but I love what I do so it's never a bad way to be spending my time!

Where is your one happy place? //

Always by the sea. Being by the sea is my favourite place in the whole wide world. I could be having the worst day, yet when I go and walk by the sea, all my worries will vanish almost in an instant.

What's your favourite day of the week? //

Absolutely Monday. Monday is a mini new year in my world. It’s my day of getting things done, getting ahead, and organising my week. It's also my most productive day and gives me a new whole week to plan, create, start new projects and continue with ongoing projects with a clear mind. I look forward to Monday on a Friday - sad hey?

Name 3 people that constantly inspire you //

Firstly, not one person but two people - Rich Stapleton and Rosa Park from the wonderful Cereal Magazine. They are an everyday wealth of inspiration and I’m so thankful for their incredible imagery and design. Their outstanding travel knowledge and beautiful photos make it feel like  you've travelled every inch of the world with them.

Wes Anderson. Take me to Andersonland.

My brother. He’s only 15 but he's a walking Google. I recently read one of his GCSE essays (well, tried too) and my mind was blown. I am inspired by his outlook already and his hunger to be successful. It’s inspiring to know someone young and want to change the world.

If someone was travelling to your part of the world, name 3 places you would recommend them to visit //

Firstly, I would send you into the heart of the Lake District and let you get lost in all its glorious natural beauty. Then I'd put you on the ferry across to the Isle of Man. I visit more than a few times a year, and have done so for most part of my life. 

A bit of my heart belongs in Bath where my momma and my brother made a move there nearly a decade ago and it's a place I would easily pack up and move for in a heartbeat. I feel completely at home there and the city is overflowing with such interesting history.

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  1. Where you live looks AMAZING bex!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful photos and lovely interview. It's always so nice to get to know the person behind creative work. I've been following Bex's instagram for awhile now and excited for her new products!!

    1. It's definitely a treat getting to know the people behind creative work, and Bex... she is just so lovely. I'm very excited to see Love Bex's new products too!

  3. I've loved your around the world series but this one has to be my favourite so far!! love Bex's work and love her photos!

    1. Let's start an "I Love Love Bex" club shall we? ;)

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Love Bex! Will have to keep a close eye on her new range of work, can't wait!

    1. No worries Dahlia! I love your name btw! x

  5. Bex, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your insta feed. And I love this piece too. So nice to get to know the girl behind the beautiful squares. Nia, you have the best posse of web pals, EVER! xox