Winter Wreaths

July 10, 2014

Yesterday, my friend Amy and I spent most of the day outside. With a pot of tea, some coriander hummus (try before you knock it please!), a table full of blooms and lots of hours to waste in the glorious winter sun, we had a much needed time out from... well, life

Amy has recently just started her blog Village Birdy so jump over there, show her some blog lovin' and welcome her into this ever-growing community of ours! 

P.S - she bakes some pretty darn good cupcakes so I'm sure she'll be sharing some of those recipes in no time.


  1. Lovely photos Nia. Looks like a beautiful winter day there in Sydney. I swear our winter days don't look that great here in Ontario!!!

    1. It was a beautiful Sydney winter day, although what you can't see from the photos is the WIND. It was crazy cold but can only imagine how much colder Ontario would be!

  2. Those colours you've chosen are just gorgeous. They definitely capture the essence of winter... dark yet so so beautiful. Lovely photos xo

  3. Amy - Village BirdyJul 11, 2014, 1:07:00 PM

    Thanks Nia!! It really was a lovely day with you and those flowers!!

  4. Beautiful beautiful choice of colors! Very wintery indeed :)