Winter Reading

July 2, 2014

There is something about the chill of winter that makes me read more. Perhaps it's the thought of curling up in bed or the couch (in my finest pyjamas and mismatched socks) with a blanket, a cup of coffee and the result of yesterday's rushed baking session, or it could just be the reality kicking in that half of the year is over and I feel like my mind has somewhat shrunk due to the lack of words I've read on paper.

Having a toddler at home also means that finding time to read is pretty tricky. It's so hard to get in the routine of sitting for an hour to read because I usually want to take advantage of those nap hours to clean the house, get organised, do some blogging and yes, sleep! So lately, I've been taking the opportunities to read as much as I can on bus trips to work, in the toilet (no doubt a gross habit) and just last week, Johan couldn't help but giggle when he found me reading whilst stirring a pot of risotto. 

I've realised that the more I read, the happier I am. I get to imagine, to retreat and more importantly, to learn. Is it the same for you guys? 

So, here is a list of what I think is the finest reads to get you through the chilly wintery days ahead of us. If you've read any of them, let me know what you think and let's get some #book_chat happening via the world wide web!

1 //   'Wild Swans' - Judy Chang 

This autobiography is simply beautiful. I can't say anything more because I truly believe every woman should read this. These womens' stories need to be heard and to be remembered, no matter how heartbreaking every page is. 

2 //   'Alphabet Family Journal' - founded by Luisa Brimble

I don't think this publication needs any further introduction because you all know I have so much love for it. All I can say is get your hands on Issue A!

3 //   'Of Mice and Men' - John Steinbeck

One of my favourite Steinbeck's classics and a good short read (I promise you'll get through it before your risotto is ready). A heart-moving story about the hardships of life, loneliness, dreams and the importance of friendship.

4 //   'Cloudstreet' - Tim Winton 

Tim Winton is probably my favourite Australian writer. I love his raw, honest and sometimes kooky ways of writing; always breaking the rules of how the traditional novel "should" be written. My favourite part about this book? The characters! I guarantee you too will grow so fond of them.

5 //   'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' - Betty Smith

Another classic favourite and one that I always come back to re-read when I need a huge pick-me-up because it's just so so so lovely to read.

6 //   'Tasty Express' - Sneh Roy

You know how sometimes you buy cookbooks because they look pretty and you want to show them off on your shelf, but you hardly ever use any of the recipes? Well, that's not the case with Tasty Express. I've gone through nearly every recipe in there and they are all so simple, easy, nutritious and most importantly, tasty!

7 //   'Skinjob' - Bruce McCabe

Remember Blade Runner? This book is similar to that in the way it questions how the advancement of technology will shape and define the world we live in. Science fiction is not something that I would usually pick up but this book is captivating and challenges your own views on societal morals, values and beliefs.

8 //  'Jasper Jones- Craig Silvey

Another Australian book and another great read full of unforgettable characters and outrageously good dialogue!


  1. i agree with you - tim winton is one of the best writers out there! my favourite of his is the turning!

    1. The Turning is quite lovely too! Glad there's another Winton fan out there ;)

  2. Yes, i'm definitely much happier when I'm readin a good book. I've been reading so much more the last couple of years, I find reading so inspiring! I read Wild Swans years ago, but thought it was incredible, might just have to read it again!
    Recently I've really loved Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and am currently reading The Goldfinch - soooooo good so far! x

    1. I'll definitely be reading Wild Swans again very soon! I don't think I've ever cried so much in a book, nor have I felt my heart torn into pieces.

      I've heard lots about Life After Life and that's actually on the to-read list so I might have to pick that one up next! x

  3. Great list Nia! I'm also a fan of Aussie authors and Craig Silvey is definitely on top of my list. LOVE jasper jones and all its hilarity.

  4. Wow Nia!! I have only just come across this lovely roundup of your book recommendations and so honoured to be on it amongst such good company too! So so so glad you are enjoying the book, it means so much to me :-) Thank you!! xx

    1. Hi Sneh, thanks for dropping by! Thank YOU for putting together such a wonderful cook book. Honestly, I mean no exaggeration when I say our family goes through your book like it's the bible :) x