Head & Heart

July 4, 2014

Thank you Helen for introducing us to your lovely monthly series called Head & Heart! Life gets super busy that we often forget to sit down and really appreciate the people, things and opportunities we're surrounded with. So along with everyone else, I'm jumping on the H&H bandwagon and sharing my monthly life reflections here with you all. 

What I've been grateful for // 

My little family. The sound of Scarlet babbling gibberish in her cot every morning and my superhero of a husband who keeps proving himself to be the most patient, kind-hearted and loveliest human being in the world.

My job. Yes, as much as I complain about it and as much as I dread getting out of bed on work mornings, I'm ever so thankful that it pays dem' bills!

New friends. I love the creative community and I love that I've been able to get to know some of these ladies a lot more in the last month. They are ever so inspiring and always encouraging. Here's to many more Instagram friends!

What I've been thinking of // 

This project Johan and I are working on. You guys will definitely get the low down very soon (I know I've kept you waiting for awhile!), but it really has taken us over a year to get our butts into 'action' mode. 

Buying a house. I know I know, with house prices continually rising it's a pretty ridiculous thought but a girl can dream right?

What I'm excited for //

Once again, this project that hubby and I are working on. I'm seriously itching to share it with you guys!

Our family is taking a much needed break to Hamilton Island at the end of August. Counting down the days until I can wake up to this view for a whole week.

SPRING - bring. it. ON.

What I've been doing //

Planning a creative getaway with the ever so lovely Erika Rax.

Now that I've culled through a good number of books on my 'to-read list', I'm moving onto my 'to-watch' list. So far, I've covered August: Osage Country (Meryl Streep is amazing), Inside Lwellyn Davis and Her. Any other recommendations you guys can give me? 

Spending as many sunny days and afternoons on the beach with little miss. It's crazy cold but we always make a point to bring some hot chocolate and cookies to warm us up.

What I've been reading //

Pretty much all of these books in the last few months.

What I've been spending my money on //

Food. Lately Johan and I (along with Scarlet) have spent a little bit more on food in the last few weeks. I blame winter and making us want to eat more!

Magazines - Alphabet Journal, Fete Press, Spaces, Frankie, Kinfolk, Hearth, Cereal... clearly I have an addiction.

Pieces of wood. Why? Secret - hush hush!

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  1. "I love the creative community" - my love grows month by month, it is unbelievably awesome. We have so much to owe the Internet!!!

    Your woody project sounds exciting, can't wait to hear more about it!

    Thanks for joining in Nia!! x Helen

    PS I recommend using Goodreads if you don't already, so useful to find new book recs that way through the community!

    1. You hear so many negatives about connecting via the internet, but there are actually some very good things and that's definitely the friendships and connections you make!

      Yes, I've heard so much about Goodreads so definitely going to remember that one! xx

  2. Yay for H&H, new friends, woody projects and sweet boys! Hot chocolate and cookies on the beach? YES. Lovely post lovely x

    1. Thanks E! Maybe next time you come over, we can take you out for our hot chocolate & cookies tradition on the beach! x

  3. Welcome on board ;) I'm so curious about your secret wood fever project! I love wood, learning some basic carpentry has been on my to do list forever. Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks Chisa! I'm really loving reading through all of the Head & Heart posts :) And yep, I've been curious with carpentry and wood work for awhile now and it wasn't until my husband started picking it up that I started learning a little bit more about it.