Winter Afternoons

June 12, 2014

There's no denying that winter is well and truly here. Mornings and nights have been chilly, but it is always that afternoon chill that gets to me. There's something about the light, the cold and the shadowy shift from day to night that afternoon brings. I'm usually tired by this time (regardless of the location - work or home) and as soon as the clock strikes 3pm, my body calls out for some sort of a 'pick-me-up' so it can get through the afternoon. If I'm at work, afternoon tea will usually consist of a 5 minute trip out of the office for an espresso hit. At home however, you'll find me perusing around the kitchen.

I'll spend most of my afternoons in the kitchen while Scarlet is still asleep. Most of the time I clean, wash or sort, and push through any other dreaded chores quickly so I can spare half an hour to bake. For me, afternoons and baking go hand-in-hand. It's my time to relax, to unwind and most importantly, to recuperate. I always find myself at ease as I let go of the day's long list of frustrations and grievances. Alas! I can think clearly again and make sense of things that perhaps I couldn't have earlier and that's when I realise that the day wasn't so bad after all. I just needed that little bit of time to think, to reflect and to recover.

How do you spend your afternoons? And perhaps more importantly, how do you give yourself a break? 

Speaking of baking, here are a few lovely little recipes to try out for your afternoon tea. I've taste-tested each of them and give them all a huge tick approval for the cold wintry afternoons we're all about to face.

//  this strawberry, apple & vanilla lattice pie
//  these perfect lemon muffins
//  these cornbread pancakes
//  this apricot bread & butter pudding 
//  this coffee cake with cinnamon crumble 
//  these roasted pear & cranberry scones

Photo by Jelito De Leon


  1. The link for the raspberry & lemon cake is broken on Sunday Folk. :(

    Can't wait to try these out & have the house smell of amazingness!

    1. Oh darn! Bianca must've taken it down while she does some site maintenance.

      Enjoy them! That's the other part I love about afternoon baking - the smell that lingers around the house!!

  2. Ahhh yes, I completely agree with you that afternoons are the best time of the day. I do exactly as you do minus the baking (mostly because i am TOO lazy) and instead, I drink tea and open a magazine or read a book. I swear ever since I've had Evie, I've hardly had the time on my hands to read!!

    1. Reading... such a luxury these days huh? ;) That sounds like a perfect afternoon break Stace!

  3. Afternoons are so nostalgic aren't they? I for one love them too although with 3 kids, it's harder these days to have a quiet one. Some days where I feel like I REALLY need that afternoon break, I just chuck the eldest 2 in their cots (together), give them some books or toys and tell them to have "quiet time". They'll usually stay quiet for at least 10 minutes, ahhh precious precious minute!

    1. Those 10 minutes to yourself ARE very precious! Isn't it funny though when (and if) they spend the day at their grandparents, at first you get all jittery and excited about time "alone", but then quickly realise how boring the house is without your little ones?