Friday Favourites

June 13, 2014

1 //  A simple & stylish DIY side table 
2 //  Peanut butter & honey mini pies. I lost you at peanut butter didn't it?
3 //  '29 places you have to visit' - have you been to any of these destinations?
4 //  Jessica Commingore's LA apartment.
5 //  The winter issue of Fete Press has arrived - grab your copy pronto!
6 //  A wooden drying rack. GENIUS!
7 //  Have you guys heard of Nectar & Stone? Their desserts and little treats are to die for. Do me a favour & click here.


  1. Ooooh Jessica Commingore's apartment is super dreamy, love it! Hope you have a brilliant weekend Nia! x

    1. Totally super dreamy! Wishing you a lovely one too Sally x

  2. Bookmarked the 29 vacation spots! Went through them and glad to say I've been to a few :) Nice collection, Nia!

    1. Hi Tee! Sadly, I can't say I've been to more than one of those spots so I've also bookmarked it for holiday ideas ;) Thanks for dropping by x