Around The World // Bridget Bodenham - Hepburn Springs, Australia

June 19, 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do //

My name is Bridget and I am a potter living in Victoria, Australia.

I spent the first few years growing up by the beach drawing in the sand or painting in my parents art studios. My dad was an artist working in painting, etching and bronze casting, and my mum is a painter. I make functional forms from clay that I hope bring joy and awareness into the home and onto the table. I also make forms for flowers and planting pots. Recently, I've also been developing some jewellery forms. It's all so fun and hard to switch the studio lights out at night!

Where do you live? //

I live in the Hepburn Springs in Victoria in a recycled shipping container. I also live with my mother and brother, and we have a large open plan kitchen and living space with lots of room for entertaining and big enough for our big dog Bullet to run around and play in.

What's your creative space like? //

I am very fortunate to have a small but comfortable studio at my family home. The studio is another recycled shipping container which has doors that open out into the surrounding bushland and windows that look out to the vegetable patches where the chickens scratch about. 

It's filled with light and warmth large wooden shelving and gas kiln. I have drawings, photgraphs and interesting patterns magnetised to the container walls for inspiration and I always have many plants inside to keep me connected to nature. 

Where do you draw inspiration from? //

I think I am most inspired by nature and its endless forms. Recently on a trip up north, my eyes kept gravitating towards all the different seed pods and shapes. I love bush walking or just sitting and looking at compositions, from minute details to large expansive sunset horizons.

What part of your town do you like best and why? //

It's REALLY beautiful in all seasons of the year, and sometimes we get all seasons in one day! Autumn is the prettiest and this is when the trees come alive and ablaze in colour!

Where are your local favourite hang outs? //

The walking tracks around my home are always breathtaking and I rarely get sick of them, especially when our dog Bullet is on the track wagging his tail higher and higher. My favourite places are the botanical gardens on Wombat Hill and walking around Lake Jubilee.

What do you like to do in your spare time? //

Cooking, sleeping, walking, drawing, gardening, yoga, and shopping at lock markets for plants and fresh produce.

Where is your one happy place? //

Honestly, it is in the studio when I'm making something meaningful. I never feel sad or negative in this space. It's where my soul lives freely.

What's your favourite day of the week and why? //

My favourite day of the week is when I get to open the kiln and see the end piece, and that the hard work has hopefully paid off! It's so nervous and exciting at the same time, but it always amazes me that what goes in as fragile material can come out hard as stone!

If you could forever live with only ONE food, what would it be and why? //

Very hard question but I'll how with coconut as it has so many possibilities and I use it in pretty much everything. Plus, coconut oil makes a great skin moisturiser (butter, oil, flakes, chunks, cream and yoghurt)!

Name 3 people that constantly inspire you //

My mum is a superhuman and can never sit still for more than 5 minutes. She's built sailing boats, houses, kept her art practice alive and can fix almost anything!

Friends that are following their creative dreams and overcome all the obstacles and challenges that come with it.

Bree Claffery from Mr Kitly, who has been a mentor and has encouraged my work to develop and grow in a direction that I may have never arrived at. She has a unique eye and curettes hear shop/gallery with such unusual beauty.

If you're wanting to get a hold of Bridget's pieces, click here for stockists.
First 3 photos by Kara Roselund

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  1. She's wonderful! Look at those beautiful ceramic work... what gems. I will have to check out Bridge's stuff Nia, and will probably end up buying :-)

    1. How can you not buy one (or two and maybe even three?) when you see them right? x

  2. She does some incredible work, and she's pretty local to me! I love the grey and black planters, and those gold accents are beautiful too. And how awesome that she lives in a shipping container!

    1. Oh you lucky thing being so local to her. I'm dying to visit that way soon - Bridget mentioned that she's a regular at a lot of markets! Anyone who lives in a shipping container is pretty cool in my books ;) x

  3. Hi Nia, I came across your humble blog through a friend of mine (Stacy). What a beautiful space you have here and I particularly love this series of yours. What a lovely lady Bridget sounds like and what a life !!

    1. What a life indeed! I love hearing meeting people who just love what they do!

  4. Lovely interview Nia. I think I've seen Bridget at a few markets here in Victoria... her work looks so familiar !

    1. Thanks Sue! Yes, you probably would've seen her at markets. I think she goes around to a few around Victoria.

  5. holy cow and a half, that black dotted pot is AMAZE-ING.

  6. what talent!!! i'm always amazed at people who just live and breathe what they love! so inspiring!!