Etsy Love - for Mother's Day

May 1, 2014

Happy nearly-end-of-the-week friends! Firstly, thank you for all your get well wishes - I'm amazed at how many IG and virtual friends have shown care in my little foot emergency last night. All is well now. I didn't end up getting stitches (wahoo!) and despite the stinging and throbbing, I'm a-OK! So back to soldiering on until the end of this week..

Guys, did you know Mother's Day is literally only 10 days away? Have you picked / bought / made anything for your mums? I'm always stuck on ideas because I feel like my mum & mum-in-law just have everything they need. Plus, after all the years of buying them gifts, I've seriously just run out of original ideas. Luckily for us, Etsy is the one stop shop that is forever stocking the best products for my little gift giving dilemmas. So here are my 8 favourite finds and hopefully you'll find some of these handy for your mums!

p.s - I would LOVE to hear all the ideas, plans and any stories you have in surprising your mums! 

1  //  Made By Objective - linen napkins
2  //  Arminho - seaweed canvas vintage poster
3  //  Little Flower Soap Co - Mother's Day gift set
4  //  Quill & Fox - I Love You cards
5  //  Hruska - Himmeli hanging planter
6  //  Less & More - hand carved wooden spoons
7  //  Urban Cartel - porcelain vintage milk bottles
8  //  Norman's Printery - historic map wrapping paper


  1. Lovely picks Nia! I sure wouldn't mind any of those for M Day. Maybe I should get hubby to wander over to your blog for some ideas this year ;)

    We are driving down to the Boat House in Balmoral for our M day brekky tradition and planning to spend the whole day in the sun (if the weather permits!). Hope you have a great M day xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole! That sounds like a lovely tradition you have there x

  2. Nice colour combo going on there. LOve everything and love that they're all so reasonably priced!! i think I might have to get that spa gift box for myself :D

    1. Thanks Sarah! And why not? Spoil yourself ;) x

  3. I love Quill & Fox, and I can't believe that wrapping paper!!

    1. Me too Amber! That wrapping paper is all sorts of goodness... I bought a few sheets extra just to have on "standby" ;)