Around The World // Lily Rose - Strasbourg, France

May 23, 2014

You guys have no idea how excited I was when this lady emailed me back to say she would love to be a part of this series...

I first met Lily Rose at Blog Society's Spring Picnic just last year and judging the long line of people wanting to meet her there, I could tell she was the kind of creative that you want to surround yourself with. I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but if you haven't discovered the wonderful photos behind this equally (if not, more) wonderful person, you must take a peek at her Instagram feed

Lily - it's truly an honour to feature you in this little world of mine. You are one of the most kind, humble and beautiful person I've ever met and I can't wait for you to come back to Australia so we can grab a coffee and I can pester you for photography tips!

Tell us a bit about yourself //

My names is Lisa, but everyone calls me Lily! I'm a tiny little French girl who has an unconditional love for travelling. I love to use the words 'wanderer' and 'wanderlust' to define myself. Exploring the world and taking pictures of it has become pretty much vital for me.

I love life, beautiful things, clothes, colours, meeting new people (thanks to Instagram I do that a lot!), our beautiful Planet Earth and clouds. 

I would say that the fair bit of travel I've done and living in Australia has changed me a lot (in a positive way) and has also changed the vision and direction I have on life. So at the moment, life is like a huge challenge to me and I'm going to try my best to live it to the fullest.

It seems like you've done a bit of travelling lately. If you had to pick, where are your 2 favourite places and why? //

Bali is definitely one of my most favourite places I've travelled to. More precisely, Ubud. This particular part of Bali is the kind of place where once your feet touches the ground, you get lost and feel like you never want to leave.

Balinese culture is very strong in Ubud - there are amazing rice paddocks and temples literally everywhere. It's full of colour and the people there are so kind and I love their way of 'living'. The people there love healthy food and yoga, and I definitely see myself living there.

Ok, let's talk about New Zealand because it's definitely another one of my favourite places on earth. New Zealand was a blast! I'm not sure I have the right words to describe this amazing country. I still can't believe that you can find so much beauty in one single tiny country.

I love nature and I love huge wild landscapes. I managed to do a month long road trip in New Zealand in a camper van and there wasn't a day where I wasn't amazed at what the country had to offer. New Zealand left me speechless! The landscapes there are breathtaking and it literally felt like I was in a dream. In fact, every single day of that road trip felt like a dream; it was surreal and intense! It's like I discovered Planet Earth all over again.

Those 2 places are definitely my favourite destinations so far but I have to say that I really enjoyed living in Sydney! I miss my life there so much, so I thought it would be great to share some pictures of that beautiful great city with you guys.

Do you have any travel advice? //

Don't be scared or shy to let yourself go when it comes to adventures. I think that dreaming is what keeps us alive and making some of those dreams come true brings you that kind of feeling that you just can't describe! It brings you so much happiness and that powerful feeling is priceless.

A lot of people are scared of the unknown or scared to leave the little bottle they are living in. We all know that coming out of our comfort zone is something that's really hard to do , but trust me on this guys - it's totally worth the try! I also think that the most amazing experiences you'll have in life are the ones which happens outside your comfort zone and I was blessed to be able to realise this through my decision to travel the world.

Most people are amazed by all my travels and adventures, and tell me that I'm lucky to have done so much of it. I however wouldn't really call it luck. I mean, maybe in some ways luck has something to do with it, but I would say it's more of a choice. It starts with an idea and I'm that kind of person - once I have an idea in mind, I have to go for it no matter what it is.

I've been waiting for a long time for things to happen in my own life but the truth is, nothing will happen by itself! Don't wait for things to happen. Make it happen!

Where are you currently based and what's your next move?

I live in a cute little city in France called Strasbourg. I couldn't get the working visa I wanted in Sydney so I had to go back to my hometown to figure out what's next for life.

Strasbourg is about 2 and a half hours away from Paris so I find myself hanging out there quite a lot!

I'm still unsure as to what my next move will be but right now, I have 2 options that I will need to weigh up. My parter and I are thinking of moving to Bali. We've stayed there more than several times and we just felt in love with the people there and the slow paced but balanced lifestyle.

On the other hand, I still have a Canadian visa that is available until the end of December which allows me to work there and I guess part of me doesn't want to waste that opportunity. So, as I'm writing this, I am also trying to make up my mind! Decisions aren't always easy to make but I definitely won't complain about this particular one and in fact, I am so lucky today to have the choices that I have.

Where is your one happy place? //

Definitely Sydney, Australia. I would give anything today to be able to go back and settle down there. Australia has clearly stolen my heart! That country has everything I have ever dreamt of.

What's your favourite day of the week? //

This might sound weird, but I would say that my favourite day of the week is Monday. I know I know! Most people hate Mondays, but here's the thing... for years, it has been my day off and everything just seems quiet and peaceful on Monday as everyone else is at work. Plus, it's like a fresh start. A new day and week where anything and everything could happen!

Wise words to live by //

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Name 3 people that constantly inspire you //

I'm going to follow Amber Carlson's steps on this and go for 3 kinds of people that inspire me...

People who try their best to follow their dreams and to make them come true. They have this strong fire inside and I love to be surrounded by them! The energy and life they display makes you want to cross mountains.

Positive people. No matter what happens in life and how bad it may be, they always find a way to remain positive and share that positivity with others to make them feel better. They always see the light despite the circumstance and I think it's a real strength in life. I so respect them for that ability.

Creative people. I'm amazed by the way their brain works and the way they can come up with an idea and bring it to life! No matter what it is, from photography to creating or building awesome things - they are all an inspiration! It's one of the many reasons I love Instagram; being able to see and be connected to so many creative, talented and inspiring people is an amazing feeling.

Thank you so much for your hospitality Nia! I really enjoyed being here with you and your Life & Co family today. I do hope we will be able to catch up again soon!

With love from France,

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  1. Oh my goodness, such wonderful photos, I want to hop on a plane to Bali right now. Lily is one of my absolute favourites - thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Me too Claire! Ubud is seriously one of the best places on earth...

  2. Lily's photos are super stunning!!!! Lucky girl has travelled so much, I wish I could say the same!

    1. Hey you! Maybe you and I can do an Ubud trip together? We do have family there! ;)

  3. I absolutely adore Lily's IG feed, she's such an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Lily.