Around The World // Samantha Dunne - The Mornington Peninsula, Australia

April 1, 2014

This next lady doesn't need much of an introduction because if you are on Instagram, chances are you're already following her beautiful feed (or borderline stalking if you're like me!). 

Sam Dunne is a mum of 2 gorgeous bubs, runs a small business, this successful blog and is the creative genius behind The Creative Exchange (promise me you guys will sign up okay?). In other words, she's a STAR! 

[Photo by Lovely Day Pictures]

Tell us a bit about yourself //

I call myself a ‘creative’, mainly because I never know what else to call this amazing mix of some days designing, some days making, some days styling, but always being creative.

Tell us a bit about your creative space //

My creative space is meant to be contained within the spare room of our house, but most days spills out into numerous other rooms (lucky I have the worlds most patient husband!). It's bursting at the seams with colour and texture, paper, fabric, glitter and glue. There is little (actually, almost no) wall space left as I fill them with ‘inspiration’ – tear sheets, quotes, product samples, cards and handmade gifts I have been gratefully gifted. It's always evolving and changing yet remains inspiring.

What part of Melbourne do you like best and why? //

I live on and love the Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne, Australia). I love the Peninsula for its diverse landscape; that within a 10 minute drive you can go from leaving footprints in the sandy shore to looking out over acres upon acres of vineyards and orchards.

The Peninsula is rich and proud of its produce, and there is a real culture of supporting local industry too. Weekends are full of farmers markets and I love that we can feed our family with produce primarily grown locally and purchased directly from the farmers.

Where are your favourite local hang outs? //

I’ve been spending (quite a few!) hours sipping coffee at Commonfolk café recently. With its industrial interior and rustic outdoor courtyard, (with plenty of space for littles to play and roam – which equals more time drinking coffee for me) it prides itself on creating “a community within a community”. Its strong support for local creative artists, including art studios within the café grounds itself and walls covered in amazing commissioned street art makes it an inspiring yet homely place to be.

If I’m not drinking coffee I’m probably fossicking in one of the many vintage treasure troves (as I like to call them – they actually call themselves ‘antique stores’). I struggle to walk past a good vintage spoon, book or glass jar without having to take it home.

What do you like to do in your spare time? //

When I'm not creating, you’ll find me wandering the shores with my babies followed by a coffee stop. What a better start to the day?!  

Where is your one happy place? //

The beach. There’s an element of calm and clarity you cant explain about the mixture of sand and salt. In the mornings as the sun peeks above the beach boxes, the array of colours that defy all rules that the colour wheel created reminds me that sometimes you have to break the so called rules to find the beauty within. 

What's your favourite day of the week and why? //

Sunday afternoons, its family time. Our little family of 4 somewhat religiously catch up over coffee, whether it be at a local café for coffee and lunch, or popping by for takeaway coffees before playing in the park. It’s a time that we disconnect from the rest of the world and connect with each other.

Name 3 people that constantly inspire you //

My parents – they’ve juggled all the things in life that I love so much – creativity, running their own businesses, but above all raising a family.

My husband – he’s the backbone to our little family of four and supports all of my crazy creative dreams.

My children – the remind me to look at life with wider eyes, and to be amazed and grateful for the simple things. 

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  1. I love dunnewithstyle's feed on IG!!!! I wish Pretty Poms would come to Sydney!!

    1. I knew you'd be a fan of Sam's! ;)

      Hahaha, Sam - do you think you could ever have it in your heart to bring Pretty Poms workshops to Sydney?

    2. Thank you SO much Stacey! I would love to come to Sydney to teach a workshop - I just need someone to bring me or host me!! The Creative Journal hosted the Melbourne workshop, maybe you could convince them to road trip!!

    3. Maybe Life & Co need to host a workshop sometime in the near future, hmm... now there's a thought! ;)

  2. from what i can gather in this series so far is that Australia has so many stunning places to visit / live in!! perhaps I should come visit soon!!

  3. Thank you for such a kind intro Nia (Ps - the stalking is mutual!!) and for having me share my part of the world xx

    1. Hahaha, there's nothing like a bit of mutual stalking! x

  4. Oh hi Sam! Lovely photos and so great to learn more about you! And I'm totally on board for a workshop!!