Around The World // Cristina De Luis - Madrid, Spain

April 8, 2014

Hi! I’m Cristina and I am an interior designer living in Madrid, Spain.

Three years ago, I decided to take a big chance in life and leave my job to start my own business - Nice Party where I spend my days designing & crafting party supplies and designing sweet/dessert tables. I absolutely enjoy my job because it's something that I've been doing since I was a little girl. When I was little, my mum used to prepare our parties with garlands and lots of decorations and gifts for our friends, and every party it our family were always filled with crafts and beautifully handmade things.

I'm so thankful for my job because I get to be a part of the happiest moments by decorating people's parties and making them special. 

I live in a small neighbourhood that smells like a little village, and I love it. We are in the middle of the big city of Madrid, but some days it doesn't feel like you're in a big city. We have some big parks and a lot of trees which makes it such a big place to live in but at the same time, we always run into and meet our neighbours when we're doing groceries!

I have all that I need nearby, and I can do everything by just going for a walk. My studio is 10 minutes away from home, just like my parents’ home and my school, where I still like to visit every week just for fun, usually to be a part of a big group of neighbours preparing amateur musicals, singing, dancing and acting. I love being part of a community like this. 

Tell us a bit about your creative space //

I have a little space, with everything I need to work in Nice Party and to do my personal projects like “52 weeks of mail” and other craft swaps.

I collect a lot of things to make my projects and currently I’m learning to sew so I have a lot of fabrics, papers, and craft supplies lying around my space.

I also have a little creative space at home in which I love to knit, crochet, sew, write and draw. I love making my own envelopes and print patterns to make my own designs. I don't have a particularly defined style so I use outgoing mail as an opportunity to explore different styles. It helps me to relax!

What part of Madrid do you like best and why? //

I love walking downtown, especially through the Masalaña neighbourhood because you always find a variety of beautiful stores. You can also find the best cañas y tapas in every terrace, and this is where I love spending time with my friends.

Where are your favourite craft stores in Madrid? //

I love to visit Black Oveja - a little and lovely store full of  beautiful fabrics and yarns, and they also conveniently teach how to knit, sew and other crafts techniques. It's so nice to spend time there, learning something new and meeting other ladies with similar hobbies and interests. It feels like you're just at home with your friends drinking coffee while crocheting together!

Holamamá is a new craft store in Madrid and this place makes me go crazy... The space is so special and you'll find the best (& loveliest) supplies in town.

Where is your one happy place? //

I always go to Cadiz in the south of Spain. My mum's family is from Cadiz and it feels like summer is not complete if I don't visit for a few days. Everything is easygoing and people are so friendly and carefree. There is an array of amazing beaches, never-ending sunny days and beautiful walks in the city. What else can someone need?!

What's your favourite day of the week and why? //

Definitely Sundays. It's the day go for a nice walk, spend quiet time at home crafting and take things slow. It's also the day for "siesta" time and a good opportunity to prepare for the new week ahead.

Name people that continue to inspire you //

My grandmother - she is always teaching me lessons for life. She is the strongest person I've ever met and I learn so much from her self-taught ways. 

My mum - she always has the answers to all my questions and is always there when I need it the most.

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  1. what a beautiful town you live in Cristina! I've been to Madrid before but only a one day stop over, so I definitely need to head back to check out more sights!

    1. Mel, I didn't know you've been to Madrid! Why didn't you take me with you? :p

  2. These photos make me miss Madrid!!! I agree Cristina, Cadiz is beautiful.

  3. p.s I feel like I'm always spamming your comment box lol

    1. You are ALWAYS spamming me with comments, but I love ya for it! x

  4. Thank you so much Nia for this post! I'm so happy to be here in your lovely blog. :)

    1. The pleasure was all mine lovely lady! Thank you for being a part of this series xx

  5. Cute little shop you have Cristina!

  6. THAT SHOP. Amaze!

  7. Madrid is one awesome place to visit considering that I am from the Basque country.