Around The World // Corina Nika - Kefalonia Island, Greece

April 23, 2014

Hi everyone! This is Corina from Cocorrina and I'm really excited to be a part of this Around the World series and share with you my story.

Tell us a bit about yourself //

Almost two years ago, my husband and I took the decision to leave our life in Athens and move to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Not only was that step a big one for us, we also did the transition to go freelancing. 

The life on the island totally made it up for us and this is where my passion for creating jewellery started. Before I knew it and in no time, I was taking my blog, freelance work and jewellery work professionally.

Living on the island made everything look and feel nicer. The stress definitely left right away and we became more relaxed by taking a lot of hikes and going on regular adventures with our husky Bella. Exploring the island is probably my favourite hobby right now!

Tell us a bit about your creative space //

My creative space would be mainly my office, which is located face to face with my husband's. I like to keep it simple and clean, with mostly white tones and a little bit of black in there. I feel that when the office is not overloaded, it leaves a lot of space to get inspired and create.

What part of Kefalonia do you like best and why? //

I don't think I would be able to pick only just one! There are so many of them! Every weekend when we go out, we explore new forests, beaches and places we haven't yet discovered. The one thing I keep saying every week is that "this place is my favourite"!

If I had to choose a few, I would say the Lake Koutavos right next to our house where my Bella and I like to walk. Another would be Karavados Beach and Antisamos Beach.

Where is you one happy place? //

Anywhere where I am close to nature. Deep in the forest, sitting by a tree, on the beach reading... that's where I could just stay for hours and not wanting to back!

What's your favourite day of the week and why? //

Ah, that's not the answer I would give awhile ago, but I'll go with Saturday just like everyone else! My weekdays are just so busy and stressful with no second to spare. I love that waking up (a late wake up, at last!) on Saturday mornings, getting to clean the house, relaxing, reading a book and yes, going on more adventures.

Name people that continue to inspire you //

My friends, other bloggers and my family.  

I find that there are so many people that continue to inspire me. Often, there isn't just one person, but a group of them!

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  1. Where have you been?! Have missed your blog posts. What a wonderful place this looks like and you're so right - I have definitely come across Corina's work before!!

    1. I know I know, I've been slack lately but I blame it on the move!

  2. Wow! What a life to aspire to. So inspiring and such wonderful work. I'm in awe <3

  3. I actually have one of Corina's prints/work up on my desktop as a screensaver! Love your work Corina.

  4. Wonderful to see Corina here and learn more about her, beautiful, world. Thank you for hosting, Nia :)

    1. Isn't her part of the world just divine? Thanks love! x

  5. What a spectacular part of the world you live in Corina!