Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (& a sneaky parcel swap!)

March 31, 2014

You all would've heard or come across Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at some stage right? Growing up in Australia, one of my fondest memories about childhood is the mega feast that our primary school canteen would spread out for this morning tea. Remember lamingtons, Tim Tams, a fruit pavlova, vanilla slices, wagon wheels?

As delicious as all that sounds, I really want to encourage you all this year to really reflect on the important purpose of the Biggest Morning Tea. For most of us, that horrible word CANCER has affected at least one person we know and love. This morning tea isn't just about getting together to share good food, but more importantly, to raise awareness and raise some funds for the Cancer Council to undergo their research and patient support programs. 

That lovely 'jack-of-all-trades' Erika Rax and her awesome baker friend Gemma Ryan are hosting a morning tea this year but instead of having an actual event, they're organising it all via the internet and giving people the chance to get involved in a few different ways.

One way that I'm going to help them with is to host a Biggest Morning Tea parcel swap! Food and parcels? Heck yeah!

Who can get involved //
Anyone who loves morning tea, receiving mail and most importantly, those who want to help raise some funds for the Cancer Council.

What is it? //
The first and most important step is to place a donation HERE. Please give whatever you feel is fitting for you but I encourage you to be as generous as your pocket allows you to be.

After you have placed a donation, send me an email with answers to the short questionnaire below. Once you've done that, I'll read through everyone's answers and will pair up (to the best of my ability) people with similar interests. You will then get an email from me notifying you of your partner and their email address. This is where YOU will need to get in contact with them and swap address details.

Once you have your parcel partner, the fun begins! This is where you have free reign - be as creative as you want - you can make things, buy things or even collect things to put in the parcel as long as you have a total of 5 different items in it. For this particular parcel exchange, think of morning tea - cakes, biscuits, slices, flavoured teas, pancake mixes, jars of sugar cubes, floral napkins... the possibilities are endless! 

After you have all received our parcels, take a photo of it, upload it on Instagram (be sure to tag: @nianeve and #postaparcel). Make sure you upload photos of your parcels because not only will there be a little reward for the most creative, but it'll be great to collect all our photos in one place so everyone can browse through them easily.

How //
If you think you'd like to get involved in this parcel exchange, copy & paste this short questionnaire into an email to and sign up by no later than Sunday 13 April. Your partner's details will be emailed to you on Tuesday 15 April.

1.  Name
2.  Age
3.  Location (Town/Country)
4.  Favourite morning tea food
5.  Other interests
6.  Email address
7.  Instagram ID 

  1. Once you sign up & have been assigned a parcel partner, you will COMMIT to creating/sending them their parcel. It won't be fun if you get something and your partner doesn't.
  2. Remember to fill up your parcel with 5 different items. No less and no more, and all 5 items need to total to a minimum of $10 (Australian dollar). This doesn't include postage costs so please take this into account, especially if you have an international partner. If you are feeling generous and would like to spend a bit more, you are more than welcomed to do so under your own discretion.
  3. You can send anything in your parcel but please be careful with the way you package your food (especially if it is going overseas), and make sure you check the entry guidelines for that country (click here).
  4. If for some reason you can't put together your parcel anymore, please email to notify me by no later than Sunday 20 April.
  5. Please do the best you can to post your parcel by no later than Wednesday 30 April to ensure that everyone receives their parcels around the same time. For this particular round, you will most likely be partnered up with someone from the same country or countries closely located around you, just so that you can save money with postage and it'll also help with delivery time!
Judging will take place strictly on Monday 12 May and the winner will be announced here on the blog the following day.

Who's judging? Well, it's only fitting that we have Erika Rax and Gemma Ryan as judges and word is, that they've put together a little parcel basket full of yummy treats and goodies for you to enjoy at home. Trust me, you'll WANT this one!

Happy giving and parceling everyone! Don't forget to share this with your friends!

[Photos by Erika Rax]


  1. I'm in!!! I've been waiting for a food themed swap :p

  2. Great initiative you guys! Perfect theme and a perfect cause xoxo

    1. Thanks Sammy, it's a great cause indeed :) x

  3. such a lovely idea ladies!! Who doesn't know someone that has been affected by cancer!

  4. Wonderful idea!! I'm totally in, have just sent you an email :)

  5. baeutiful idea girls! you can definitely count me in xx

  6. Oh yeah, give it to me baby!