Post-a-Parcel // Bottle Up Summer

February 24, 2014

Happy Monday friends!

I'm still in the middle of rounding up the last round of Valentine's parcel swap. It seems like a lot of you are still waiting for parcels to arrive or sorting out lost parcels so let's give it another week before we pick a winner eh? Once again, thank you so so so much for being such an enthusiastic, lovely, creative and fun bunch of parcel givers. Seriously you guys, the support for the project have been immensely overwhelming and I'm baffled at the fact that you guys keep asking for more swaps!

So, I'm here to announce a quick little round of parcel swap for February/March. For this round, I have teamed up with the ever-so-lovely Nadine from Le Petit Paperie to bring you our "Bottle Up Summer" parcel swap. Why are we bottling up summer you ask? Oh you know, now that summer is nearly over (sobs!) and we get ready to hibernate and whinge about how cold the weather will be, we might as well try prolong summer as long as we can right? 

Who can get involved //
Anyone and everyone who loves collecting, creating, gift wrapping and receiving pretty packages in the mail.

What is it? //
A project aimed to resurrect the notion of sending and receiving parcels. 

The first step is to sign up by email and answer the short questionnaire below. Once you've done that, I'll read through everyone's answers and will pair up (to the best of my ability) people with similar interests. You will then get an email from me notifying you of your partner and their email address, and this is where YOU will need to get in contact with them and swap address details etc. 

Once you have your parcel partner, the fun begins. This is where you have free reign - be as creative as you want. You can make things, buy things or even collect things to put in the parcel as long as you have a total of 5 different items in it. For this particular parcel exchange, think of anything and everything "summery" - think sand, sea, sun, sunscreen, popsicles, fresh mangoes... pretty much YOUR idea of the perfect summer!

After you have all received our parcels, take a photo of it, upload it on Instagram (be sure to tag: @nianeve @lepetitpaperie #postaparcel). Make sure you upload photos of your parcels because not only will there be a little reward for the most creative, but it'll be great to collect all our photos in one place so everyone can browse through them easily.

How //

If you think you'd like to get involved in this parcel exchange, copy & paste this short questionnaire into an email to and sign up by no later than Saturday 1 March. Your partner's details will be emailed to you on Tuesday 4 March.

1.  Name
2.  Age
3.  Location (Town/Country)
4.  Interests
5.  Email address
6.  Instagram ID 

OK - guidelines...

After our first 3 rounds, there were a few issues that I need to clarify so pretty pretty please follow these guidelines closely to ensure we all receive our parcels in one piece. 

  1. Once you sign up & have been assigned a parcel partner, you will COMMIT to creating/sending them their parcel. It won't be fun if you get something and your partner doesn't.
  2. Remember to fill up your parcel with 5 different items. No less and no more, and all 5 items need to total to a minimum of $10 (Australian dollar). This doesn't include postage costs so please take this into account, especially if you have an international partner. If you are feeling generous and would like to spend a bit more, you are more than welcomed to do so.
  3. You can send anything in your parcel - yes even FOOD, but please make sure they are well packaged so that your parcel won't get messy. International posters - please check postage guidelines for foods.
  4. If for some reason you can't put together your parcel anymore, please email to notify me by no later than Saturday 8 March.
  5. Please do the best you can to post your parcel by no later than Monday 17 March to ensure that everyone receives their parcels around the same time. If you have an international partner - remember that it might take longer to get your parcel to its destination so please look into this as soon as you get your partner's location, and perhaps even plan to send your parcel earlier. The aim is for everyone to receive their parcels before the end of March!
Nadine will be our guest judge in this parcel swap so make sure you don't forget to tag her on your photos on IG. And err, see this gorgeous summery thing? Well, that's the winning prize for this round which Nadine has beautifully put together.

Another reason why you should join up? ALL Post-a-Parcel participants instantly get a 10% discount code to Nadine's shop, Le Petit Paperie (which will be emailed to you separately once you have signed up for this round). Isn't she THE best?!  

Ok, enough rambling on my part.  We hope to see you sign up for this parcel round!

Nia & Nadine x


  1. SUCH a great idea! Signing up now :))))

    1. Thanks E! Can't take too much credit though - Nadine is one clever creative lady! x

  2. That is the most perfect theme ever!!!!! I'm already depressed that there are 4 days of summer left :-( signing up now!!!

  3. I'm in this time around! Made sure email has been sent, unlike last time and I totally missed out. Fun fun fun!!!!

    1. Hahaha, Esti I was just about to email you like promised ;) x

  4. i'm so very glad you have posted another one, thank you thank you thank you! I have emailed you :)

    1. Got it Kristina! Glad to have you on board :) x

  5. OF COURSE i wouldn't miss this!!! Had a great time parceling the last round. Thanks for always organising xo

  6. Awesome! Love the theme for this parcel swap, I'm already not looking forward to winter!!!

  7. Another one!!!!! Your'e a machine!!!

    1. No way, YOU guys are the machine! You keep asking me for more so of course I have to deliver ;) :p

  8. i cannot wait, i have emailed you!!! i have heard most wonderful things about this parcel swap, so excited to be a part of it :):)

  9. I've just emailed you but i understand if it's too late. Hope it's not!!