This Weekend

November 22, 2013

It's FRIDAY! What are you all up to this weekend? 

It's my mum's birthday today so there'll be plenty of birthday celebrations ahead accompanied with good food, and we're doing a few rounds of catch ups with a few of our friends for Sunday lunch AND dinner, so more good food to be shared. Not going to complain!

If you've got nothing planned for this weekend (and you're in Sydney), make sure you check out a few of these events...

1 //  Bullet & Broadsheet Cookout #2 - Arcadia Liquors

2 //  British Film Festival Australia - Palace Verona

3 //  Kinfolk Herbal Infusions - West Elm, Bondi Junction and hosted by Erika Rax and Jasmin Wong (hurry - limited tickets!)

4 //  War is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono - Museum of Contemporary Art

p.s - don't forget only a few days left until Post-a-Parcel registrations close. Sign up if you haven't already because it's filling up every so quickly!

Have a lovely weekend friends! x


  1. Ohhhhh with all the rain today I might go take the hubby to watch a British Film! Palace Verona is only a corner away from our place - thank you!!

    1. Oh, which one do you think we'll see? Perhaps we might run into each other if you go tomorrow night ;) x

  2. Man, lots of awesome stuff happens in Sydney. Really!
    Hope you have a terrific weekend! I absolutely love family gathering, specially for birthdays -and I haven't been in one for years. Have fun!!! :)

    1. I'm sure there are equally amazing stuff happening in NYC! I hope you had a fabulous weekend too Kelly! x