Stocking Fillers // Koromiko

November 7, 2013

I originally wanted to put together a collection of different household/living/dining items that you can add as stocking fillers and it was getting messy because I was finding so many amazing little trinkets from different sites, and it was one huge muddle of copying and pasting websites bla bla bla... until I discovered Koromiko.

This one stop shop has it all - candles, pillows, stationery, textiles, ceramics, linen and the list goes on!  Who needs to shop around when you can search for pretty much anything to fill up your home from just one website?  Ready, steady, SHOP!


  1. Except for the plants (we have cats), I'd have every single piece of this in my home!!!

    1. I'm hopeless with plants - for some reason they never live long enough with me, ha!

  2. CUTEEEEE! I want everything from this website, what have you done to my wallet!!

  3. Ok I'm loving this stocking series. You've helped me so much with planning & buying chrissie presents!