Stocking Fillers // Artifact Uprising

November 4, 2013

Remember the daggy el cheapo photo books you can buy from Kmart or Big W? The ones where you slot photos into its plastic sleeves, make it all personal (by scribbling and naming every photo in the space provided) and give it away as presents? How shocking are they?!

Feast your eyes on Artifact Uprising - a company who is committed to printing your photos and re-telling your stories through the most stylish, perfectly curated and well designed books. They don't however, just stop at photo books. Their products also include wooden photo boxes, postcard packs and wooden calendars. They each make thoughtful lovely gifts for Christmas and their photo uploading/editing program is SO easy to use! Don't believe me? Take a look at these...

Also - keep your eyes peeled for their phone app coming soon! It's going to make collating your photos for books so much easier!


  1. WOW! and what i'm most surprised about is how affordable their pricing is!!

  2. Oh this is the best! There's nothing like making a book for someone - most thoughtful thing ever.

  3. I just ordered some of their post packs!!! Can't wait to get them!! :)