Stocking Fillers // For Our Men

October 31, 2013

I never really know what I'm going to buy for Johan around Christmas time unless he's specifically hinted for things. I've exhausted all my thoughtful/creative/exciting/fun/original ideas - there's only so much you can come up with right?! So, 2 months before Christmas I get him to write down 5 different things that he'd like and that's pretty much what I buy for him. Yawn, I know. It works out well I suppose but there's none of that surprise element that I love about gift giving! The "WHOA, no way!" and "MAD!" that comes out of blokes (well, mine anyway) when they've lost their minds. 

So this year, I did my extra bit of research to find cool little things for our men besides the usual shirts/jeans/tie/socks/undies buy. Hope this comes in handy for the present buying!


  1. This is so spot on I'm a little freaked out. My husband would love pretty much all of these things. Thanks for the help Nia!

    1. Oh good Erika! Our husbands sound like they might have a few things in common too. Have fun shopping! ;)

  2. Stuff our men, we women need to have some of these FUN stuff too!! I've got my eyes on the Star Trek Wine!!

  3. OMG Star Trek wine.... seriously how geeky can guys get!

  4. i've got my eye on the Tarantino Film Pack!!! i'm definitely getting that for for my man...