Stocking Fillers // Anastasia Marie

October 28, 2013

Guys, we have 7 weeks left until Christmas! Is that crazy or what?! So to get myself in the Christmas spirit, I've made a commitment to start shopping for gifts early on this year. I'm the worst because I always manage to leave it until the very last minute which means having to shop (or swim) in the crazy packed crowds with pushy/protective/paranoid mums - and no, that's not me. It also means I always buy things that the person might not even like/use just for the sake of having something to give them!

So to save us all from doing that exact thing this year, I'm going to post twice a week on "Stocking Fillers" - ideas on gifts that you can access and buy online which means - *drum rolls* - no more last minute (and sometimes un-thoughtful) presents! I know I know, some of you like the hype of shopping at the 24 hour sales a few days before Christmas but think about it... this time around, you can sit at an open cafe, sip on a hot cocoa (I've always wanted to say that) and people-watch because I bet you anything it will be a hilarious sight.

Ok after all that banter, meet Anastasia Marie.

I started following her on Instagram because she always posts beautiful photos of hand-made cards, has the cutest collection of stationery and to top that, she comes up with the most creative packaging ideas. Her products will make gorgeous accessories to your Christmas wrapping/packaging or they'll even make lovely gifts on their own.

Stay tuned for Stocking Fillers for MEN later this week! Yes, we all agree that they're the hardest to buy for right?! x


  1. Guess what you'll be getting for Christmas missy!!! ;)

    1. In that case, two of everything please! ;)