Post-a-Parcel board on Pinterest

October 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

I'm so excited that Post-a-Parcel has had such a great response in the last week! So many people from different locations around the world have signed up (yes, around the WORLD!) which makes it that extra bit special. 

Now that we've got quite a fair bit of participants, I'm put together a list of frequently asked questions and a further few guidelines to follow just to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you have any questions in particular you'd like to ask, let me know at so I can add it on to the FAQ sheet. 

In the meantime, I've created this Pinterest board for some inspiration and to get you thinking about your parcels. I'll be pinning to this board in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peels to it! If you haven't signed up, do so because only a few days left until registrations close (Sunday 6 October). Share share share to all parcel lovers!


  1. Ok, those pencils are pretty darn cool. Love them!!!!

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm trying to find where I can buy them!

  2. Hi Nia!

    I love your blog! It's filled with so many gorgeous photos! just wow :)

    Then I saw this post and everything looked so.. familiar! Did you end up getting the pencils? Cos I bought mine from exactly the same store as the pic you've shown! It's an etsy store called inkkit - (should I have given you the website? haha I hope I'm not encouraging you to spend more $$ than you should .. haha)

    Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for dropping by the blog, great to hear people are actually enjoying the things I have to say, haha!

      Thank you also for the heads up on those pencils! I didn't end up finding out who sold those pencils so thank you x100000. And yes, I might just have to hold you responsible for the irresponsible spending I'll be doing ;) keep in touch! x