DIY Pine Cone Garland

October 9, 2013

I walked through a few parks on the weekend along the Northern Beaches and saw a TON of pine cones just lying around everywhere. I always wonder why such pretty little things should just wither and waste away in the sun. Just not fair! So I quickly got out my phone, googled "things to do with pine cones" and this fun DIY project came up. Needless to say, I made a dash back to the piles of pine cones and started piling them into the back of our car. It's ok people - I'm Asian so I can get away with anything without looking too dodgy!

Click here for the full tutorial (and lots more sweet photos).


  1. love it "it's ok people, i'm Asian" too funny. But also a very good idea, gives you a feel of winter...or at least for me it does

    1. It made me think of Christmas for some reason! Like a real American Christmas!!