My Favourite Things // Old Postcards

August 21, 2013

I've been visiting different markets a lot lately and will always discover stashes of old postcards - some empty & still awaits a message to be written but, there are always a few that have been written on. I always see people throw these written ones into another pile because they're of no use but for some reason I find them fascinating to collect and read through!  

Some have such sweet words, some mind-boggling and some are just plain weird but nonetheless, they would've meant something to someone at some point, and I love that thought. Another thing I absolutely love seeing is how beautiful people's handwriting can be - who ever writes in calligraphy these days? 

Do any of you still write postcards? Don't you think it's a thousand times more sweeter than receiving texts and Facebook messages? Here's a tip - the next time you see old postcards, buy a whole bunch and use them as cards!

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