Motherhood Around the World

August 7, 2013

Super-mum Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo has recently started a new blog series called "Motherhood Around the World" - a compilation of American mothers living in different countries, all documenting their experiences of life as a mum in a different culture.  

Some things made me chuckle and laugh out loud - for example, a mum in Northern Ireland tells a story about how it's quite normal for 12 year old boys to have a break from play to sit down and have proper cups of tea!  Some things however, made me cringe and realise just how lucky we have it here in Australia.  Congolese women can't leave the hospital after having a baby until hospital bills are all paid for (around $200-$300 a day) and breast milk is so so precious there that the women don't mind sharing.  Oh, and let's not forget that it is super normal in some countries to hire nannies - boy, would I love to have that option during those please-let-this-day-be-over-already moments!

I won't tell you anything more because you'll have to head here to read the stories yourselves.  It makes such an interesting read!

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  1. This was fascinating. I don't think we would survive in Congo - I would be a social outcast because I couldn't breastfeed! Then again, the Congolese women probably would have volunteered to do it for me...