Favourite Shops // The Maker, Hobart

August 1, 2013

The Maker is one of the sweetest shop I've ever laid eyes on.  The location, decor, products, colours... it all works!

This shop is located in Sullivan's Cove, Salamanca Place (literally a 10 minute stroll from the CBD and right across Hobart wharf).  Salamanca itself is one of the most special places in all of Hobart - a long row of simple Georgian sandstone warehouses built in the 1830's.  These mellow north-facing buildings were once used to store grain, wool, whale oil, apples and imported goods from around the world.  These days, it houses more than 150 shops varying from cafes, clothing shops, Tasmanian specialty goods, arts & crafts etc.

Right at the very end of this row of shops, we come across The Maker..

The Maker is the showcase for Tasmanian clothing labels lj struthers and lj junior.  Their clothing is designed and made in Tasmania using their finest quality wool, linens and cottons.  Amongst all the beautifully made clothing, The Maker also stocks a range of other contemporary Tasmanian artists, jewellers and designers. 

They also sell the most gorgeous collectible items; old vintage keys, papers, envelopes, books and maps.  Such little treasures!
Luckily for us, The Maker sells most of their items in their online shop so be sure to check it out.  On another note, keep your eye for tomorrow's post.  Hint - GIVEAWAY!

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