Tasmanian Treasures

July 30, 2013

Friends, what's your favourite part of being on a holiday?  Besides the much needed R&R, glorious food , wine and sightseeing, one of my favourite parts would be the hunt for little treasures to bring back home!

Tasmania is truly one of the most untouched and unspoiled places I've ever been to.  Pretty much everywhere you go (yes, even in the heart of Hobart city), most things have been kept in its natural state so there were plenty of little pieces of historic gems lying waiting to be discovered.  I found however (from the last 3 trips we did to Tassie), that the best places to find cheap(er) antiques and vintage treasures were smaller towns outside of Hobart. Get a notepad & pen, and write these towns down: Richmond, New Norfolk, Campbell Town, Sorrell, Bothwell and Oatlands. 

This time around, I only got to Richmond and New Norfolk but boy did I score some gorgeous little gems.  What I love most about these items are the stories behind them.  I always end up chatting to the locals about the town's history and the stories behind certain items.  That's the other thing about these smaller towns - the locals hardly see any tourists that they will jump at any opportunity to prompt a conversation.  So, here are my favourite little finds from our last trip...

1960's sewing patterns, a collection of envelopes made from vintage Tasmania brochures and gift tags stamped with home-made stamps

A collection of vintage children's books.  Does anyone remember Little Golden Books?!  These books were in the bargain bin, sold for 20c a piece!  Can't wait to read them to Scarlet when she's a bit older.  Side note - she's currently obsessed with chewing the corners of books & tearing pages out of them - blergh!

  1960 & 1964 bundles of Tasmania's newspaper, The Mercury.  Love flicking through the pages of all the world events and news!  

Probably my favourite items from this trip - 2 copies of Digest of Digests (similar to Reader's Digest) from 1943 & 1944 (World War 2 was happening!).  Most of the articles were written about war; war stories, war heroes, war jokes/caricature/humour, advertisements were centered around the war etc.  There's also a section where soldiers' letters to loved ones were published.  The lady who sold me these books, Gertrude, told me how she and her sisters used to put their savings together, buy a copy and pretend that those love letters were written to them - so so sweet! 

1936 Vegemite jars & 1942 Keen's Mustard can (the original mustard powder was STILL in the can!)

And last - The Maker's vintage paper packs which makes such great gift ideas!

What are your favourite finds from your own holidays?  Share/comment below - would love to hear all your travel adventures!


  1. I love buying clothes on holidays! Some of them I see as artworks from the place I bought them lol, they are my holiday keepsakes. I have pieces from all around the world, and when I put them on, I remember my time there.

  2. This makes me happy! Collecting little treasures is my favourite part of the trip - as well as taking photographs of course!

    The things we bring home tell the stories of where we've been, who we've met, what we've seen, and what we've done. In my travels I've brought home kitch key rings, pins and badges, postcards, rusted iron junk from a paddock in outback Australia, opals from the mines of Lightning Ridge, shells and stones from New Zealand, foreign newspapers, notebooks filled with Chinese calligraphy, vintage German blackletter books from the streets of Vienna, tickets, coins, a Czechoslovakian vintage camera, broken blue and white ceramics from the shores of Japan, and many more things that don't immediately come to mind, but will transport me back to my travels when I come across in my home.

    Bon Voyage Life and Co!