Favourite Eateries // Daci & Daci Bakers, Hobart

July 29, 2013

Let me paint the scene.

You see a cute little bakery that's gorgeously (is that even a word?) placed in the heart of Hobart's waterfront.  A heritage building and a huge gold sign that reads "Daci & Daci Bakers".  You don't even have to be within a range of 500m to get a whiff of the freshly baked pastries and bread.  OF COURSE you are going to walk in and suss this situation out!

The last few times we visited Hobart, we always seem to drive/walk past this place but never really got the chance to sit down and eat there.  So this time around, I made a point to save half a day at this lovely little bakery.  Boy was I glad to finally make it there.  As I walked in, it felt like I had died and gone to pastry heaven.  

The place is buzzing, even on a Wednesday morning.  You can see bread/pastries/cakes on trays neatly stacked together near the kitchen.  The hardest thing was to choose what I wanted.  Should I go sweet or savoury?  Both?  Good answer. So this is what we settled with:

From top left to right - slow cooked lamb and rosemary pie with house salad, smoked salmon on a cheesy brioche, toasted granola with greek yoghurt & famous Tasmanian wild honey, a spinach/leek/danish feta pastie and their warm-gooey-moist-chocolatey croissant.  Amazing! 

On another note, every single waitstaff we encountered were just the loveliest people you'll ever meet (I secretly think it has something to do with Tasmanians in general).  The coffee was equally as excellent.  They use Ritual Coffee reserve blend which has a hint of creamy chocolate and honey sweetness - makes a perfect partner to their delectable pastries and goodies.  We also made sure that we took away some pastries and cakes for later on.  Their portuguese tarts and blood orange cake are to die for!

Handy hint - if you ever get the chance to visit this sweet bakery, make sure you come extra hungry because you'll want to try a little bit of everything on the menu.

Also, more of heavenly Hobart's little gems in the next few days and a handy dandy guide to Tasmania's must see & do!

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  1. please let's add this to the list of places we need to go!
    great post nia, can't wait to see what else u recommend in Hobart!