DIY - Paper Envelopes

July 25, 2013

Over the last few years I've managed to house never-ending piles of magazines.  Not sure how they all ever got there, not sure where I hid them all, and definitely not going to figure out how much $ I spent on them!  After being reminded that I should probably start throwing some away, the inner hoarder in me just could NOT let go of them.  So my dear husband gave me an ultimatum (boo) - either do something with them or they will all be moved into our recycling bin. 

If you have the same problem as me (or will in a few years have the same problem), this is the easiest solution to our dilemma...

Follow these simple steps:

1. Browse through your magazines for pretty pages & cut them out.

2. Print/cut this ready-made template from the Country Living website and trace it onto the envelope paper.

3. Once traced, cut until you see a pretty shape like this!

4. Flip to the other side and fold over the two small flaps.

5. Fold up the bottom flap and glue.

6. Fold top flap down and VOILA!

P.S - how sweet are these pages from Frankie mags?!

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