Goodbye (for now)

September 26, 2014

I write this with a heavy heart because it's something that I've been trying to avoid for a few months now. When I first started Life & Co, I intended for it to be my own personal space where I can journal the adventures of life (and motherhood). The thought "nobody would ever read my rants" gave me that extra push to start one and after all, only my very close  and committed friends would ever read the sort of rubbish I write!

However, life itself had other plans for me and brought me along for a ride around the online creative circle, and to say it has been the most wonderful last 2 years would be a huge understatement. Never did I imagine the friendships I would form through this blog, and the opportunities that have surfaced from it have been mind-blowing. I know you hear a lot of negative things about having an 'online presence', but my experience has been far from that and in fact, has been one of the most wonderful things to have happened to me.

Why am I getting all nostalgic? Well friends, it's time for me to say goodbye to this space. The crazy life train has now taken me (and our little family) down another path and it's one that we've always believed and invested a lot of ourselves in. I'm not disappearing, just moving on. I wanted to ensure that I could invest 100% of myself into our new adventure and the thought of doing a half hearted job here at Life & Co was one that didn't sit well with me so for now, I'm bidding it farewell. 

Please, please, please don't lose contact. Come follow our family's journey at The Assembly and keep in touch. I'm surprising myself (even as I write this) because I didn't realise just how close I've held this blog to my heart. It has been my sanctuary and most importantly, the catalyst that made me realise that community matters, and this is where we found that core belief for The Assembly. 

I hope you will continue to join Johan, Scarlet and I in the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for being so wonderful - for all your sweet words and the kindness you have shown me. I will forever be grateful and hope that one day, I can in turn repay the immense love each one of you have shown to me.

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My personal Instagram @nianeve will still be there however, will mainly consists of naughty food and an overload of Scarlet photos.

Around the World // Molly Yeh - Grand Forks, North Dakota

September 17, 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do //

Hi! My name is Molly and I write the food blog my name is yeh. I grew up in Chicago, went to music school in New York, and then made my way to a farm that's right on the North Dakota/Minnesota border, where my fiancé is a fifth generation farmer. 

Where do you live and what part of it do you love most? //

My fiancé and I live on his family's farm that is right outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota - the coldest town in the lower 48 states. There are so many things I love about it including the long cozy winter!

The small community comprises of families that have known each other for generations, and people really value the concept of community and family time. Compared to my former homes in New York and Chicago, there is a lot less going on in the way of new exciting restaurants, concerts, parties, etc. and I've found that I'm even more motivated to be creative that way. I sometimes miss being able to go out for a casual Sunday morning bagel like I would in New York, but I think it'll be really fun to buckle down and figure out the best recipe for a homemade bagel!

Where are your local favourite hang outs? //

These days, with harvest under way, I like hanging out on the tractor at night with my fiancé as he plows and tills, and does whatever it is that tractors do. I also love our local bakery, which makes the most delicious peanut butter cookies, and a local bar called the Toasted Frog which makes an addictive fried cheesy pickle. We also have a great little coffee house called Urban Stampede, and about 40 miles away down a country road is this shack called the One N Only, which makes the most delicious ribs. 

Tell us a bit about 'My Name is Yeh'. How did it all start? //

Since the day I could write, I've always kept journals. I have stacks and stacks of them! Blogging has just been a natural extension of that. I started my name is yeh about five years ago and it's taken on many forms: it's been a lifestyle blog, a restaurant blog, a schnitzel blog, and now it's a recipe blog with some farm life sprinkled in it. I always say, it's a personal diary first, a food blog second, so if my blog morphs into some other kind of blog in the future, I won't be alarmed.

What does your cooking/creative space look like? //

For a while it was very very very 1960's grandma (this house was after all built for my fiancé's grandma in the 60s). There were dark hanging cabinets and yellow laminate flooring so it was pretty epic. We brightened things up by ripping out a lot of the cabinets and painting the remaining ones white. I made a little baking station complete with a cookie cutter drawer because I like having things in cute little stations, and then right across the room is my standing desk. I cook, photograph, and blog all from one sunny room and it makes things super easy. 

If you could only live with ONE food for the rest of your life, what would it be? //

Mac and cheese!

What do you like to do in your spare time? //

Sit on my couch and read wedding magazines and watch Say Yes to the Dress (and probably weep at the end when they show the brides coming down the aisle).

Where is your one happy place? //

Eating cake. Ok, with my fiancé, eating cake. After a good day of work.

What's your favourite day of the week? //

Friday, because every Friday we have pizza!

Name 3 people that constantly inspire you //

Ok this is more than three, but basically the entire blogging community (!!) and my fiancé.

If someone was travelling to your part of the world, name 3 places you would recommend them to visit //

First, my house and I would cook them dinner. Then, One N Only (and please invite me, we'll eat all the ribs). Annnd... our farm! 

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Frozen Dough Co. (& a very naughty treat)

September 10, 2014

I hang my head in shame for taking this long to write a post about Frozen Dough Co. My Instagram feed consists of a lot of Eve's addictive cookies and yet, only last week did it occur to me that I hadn't given her the proper shoutout she deserves! 

Eve from Frozen Dough Co. was one of our partners and sponsors for our Creatives weekend away and boy did we appreciate her generosity. I say this with no exaggeration, but the girls and I literally used Eve's cookies as a "base" for everything. I mean, everything and our meals were mostly planned around the question "how can we incorporate a cookie in this?".

Amidst all the cookie-enduced highs we all experienced throughout the weekend, we somehow put this deadly concoction together and it's one that you guys should have to try at home. Because a lot of you have wondered on Instagram what this treat actually consists of (chuck food coma somewhere in there), here's how we put it all together...

What you'll need //

(Can be store-bought or home-made. Luckily for us, Chantal made ours! You can too if you'd like - here's a recipe)

Salted caramel sauce 
(Can be store-bought or home-made. Here's a recipe)

Crushed pretzels

Melted chocolate
(we used & highly recommend Bahen & Co's Papua New Guinea 70% cocoa)

Frozen Dough Co. cookies
(we highly recommend the Salted Nutella chocolate cookies)

A blowtorch

What to do //

This is the easy bit! Place your baked cookie at the bottom and add marshmallow on top. Blowtorch until the edges are starting to brown and you can see that it's melting. Then layer everything else in this order - crushed pretzels, melted chocolate and salted caramel sauce. Ta-da!

Handy hint - wear tights, not jeans. Trust me, you'll need the extra breathing room.

[2 images above by Erika Rax]

If this is all a bit too indulgent (and naughty) for you, please do me a favour and grab a bag of cookies anyway? 

You can buy Frozen Dough Co. cookies from The Beaches Markets every Friday, 8am - 1pm or Bondi Farmers Markets every Saturday, 8am - 1pm. Eve also delivers for certain areas/orders, so drop her a line and say hello!